Our company DORUK Chandelier has successfully completed many important projects we have undertaken at home and abroad, without compromising its quality, thanks to the harmony of our unchanging marketing, accounting, workshop and assembly teams since its establishment in 1996. Chandelier carries out hotel and private space lighting projects. In the last long period, it has made a name for itself in the sector with the mastery it has shown in design and application in its projects in a short time. It is in demand and is located in mosques and hotels. It has been a solution partner to architects who are experts in more than one job in the country and abroad from the projects we have realized close to 800. All materials and electrical components of our products are controlled by our company owner, who is an electrical engineer, from the moment they come out of the design phase and are produced in accordance with TSE norms. At the same time, brass and stainless steel are used as raw materials in all the chandelier models produced, and the special oven varnish application minimizes the deformations of the metal parts due to humidity, humidity or use. Sincerely...
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